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Erik Hijweege

Photobook Holland

Photobook Holland

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Dutch photographer Erik Hijweege paints a fascinating and endearing portrait of Holland in the 21st century through his use of tilt-shift photography. This technique involves a camera method of selective focus, which often simulates a miniature scene, enabling the photographer to create images with a playful dynamic between sharp focus and blurry swathes of color.

Small commentaries by Hijweege accompany most of the images, giving each a highly personal insight, not only as to his reasons for capturing that particular landscape and subject, but also offering an intimate look at Holland, its features and history, and of course a celebration of the country's culture today. 

This art book has a hard cover and makes a great gift for people who love images of beautiful Holland. Erik Hijweege gives a great twist to well known Dutch scenes like windmills, tulip fields, the Delta works and many others.

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