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Benjamin Ewing

Benjamin Ewing

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Framed print, made by American artist Benjamin Ewing (1993) for HKliving.

HKliving has issued a free assignment with the theme "movement" to four different artists. The artists have given their interpretation of movement in their artwork, not bound by use of color nor material. This linen/paper print artwork is Benjamin Ewing's interpretation of "movement". The artwork is set in an oak wooden frame. 

-Does art come from the heart? It definitely does when looking at the artwork of Portland based artist Benjamin Ewing (1993). Spanning the fields of print, design, fine art and photography, Ewing’s work feels like a never-ending story. This young multidisciplinary artist aims to put his emotions directly on paper, which results in fluid lines, always with a focal point to get lost in. 

Dimensions: 29.5" x 1" x 37.5"
framed print
Open edition

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