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Michael Torquato de Nicola - Black Diamonds

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Mixed Media
Acrylic, spray paint, ink, marker  fiberglas surfboard
5'1 tall

About this work; I paint on the surfboards that I ride. This is original artwork that has unfolded and evolved over time. I rode and painted this board between 2012 and 2018.

At the start of this time, the surfboard was new and white. I suddenly became ill and for a while I was doubtful I would ever surf again. I began to paint the board with these bright colors. I now believe this was a subconscious attempt to inspire myself forward towards greater health and into a brighter future. The Torquato character carries a message of 'Yes You Can !!!' As I began to recover I began to think of the future and how I wanted to participate in it. The number 5 represents balance and fulfillment, completion and wholeness. It comes from the 5X Game and in my downtime I dreamed of how it could be used to help surfers and the sport of surfing and others into the future ~Michael Torquato