Pauline Blanchard

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Art frame made by French artist Pauline Blanchard (1991) for HKliving. 
HKliving has issued a free assignment with the theme "movement" to four different artists. The artists have given their interpretation of "movement" in their art work, not bound by use of color or material. This art work is Pauline Blanchard's interpretation of "movement". The art work is set in a oak wooden frame. 

Experiencing the artwork of illustrator Pauline Blanchard (1991), is like stepping into a dreamlike world. In this world Blanchard shifts between painting and photography. As an illustrator she likes to paint big characters with little heads, as she did for HKliving. Born in Paris, she now works from her little luminous studio in the north east of France.

Dimensions: 14.5" x 1" x 18"