Collection: Daniel Maltzman

Daniel Maltzman

Los Angeles based artist Daniel Maltzman is on its way to be top of the short list of savvy art collectors around the globe. His art, which features his signature women and shadow figures can be found in many art collections from Amsterdam to New York City. Continually catching the eye of top Hollywood producers and celebrities, his work is often featured in film and television such as MTV's catwalk, Nip Tuck and Dirty Sexy Money. His latest collaboration is with celebrity Haute Couture Designer Debbie Wingham whos eye caught his pop-culture inspired paintings. Maltzman's work draws from contemporary influences in his use of color and design and incorporates a pop culture bent all on its own with his use of modern high impact images and colors. 

In his own words: " my inspiration comes from everything around me, A dynamic billboard, a stunning fashion art, a woman masquerading in the night - anything can sett off an idea that will turn into a painting"