Collection: Emma Rodrigues

Emma Rodrigues - Born 2003, Florida USA

When I was very young I took absolutely no interest in art. In fact, I was the kid who refused to color inside the lines. It wasn’t until I was older and experienced the loss of a friend that I discovered my love for art. Art became my outlet.

In the beginning when I started making art I showed no evidence of talent. I was rather terrible. But, with persistent practice I began to improve.

I am completely self-taught and have received no professional training.

My art is by no means perfect.  I am aware my paintings and drawings aren’t exact representations of their subjects. But, If they were, they would no longer be paintings, they would be photographs. I hope when people look at my work they see the beauty in the imperfections.

My recent work was inspired by my trip to Scandinavia. It was there that I  fell in love with simple yet enchanting landscapes. I love to use watercolors to create soft abstract shapes combined with contrasting clean lines.