Collection: Claire Felicie

Claire Felicie was born in the south of the Netherlands, in the city of Breda, in 1966. The first pictures she took was at age 18 with her brother’s camera, the second she saw the photo's after getting them developed she was hooked. In 1988, after the birth of her eldest son she moved to Amsterdam with her husband and gave birth to four more children in the coming years. She took up a study History at the University of Amsterdam. At that time it didn’t occur to her that she could become a professional photographer, and she chose a study that she is still very much interested in and takes her advantage of. In 2002, she decided to start her own business in photography, and since then Claire Felicie had a lot of exhibitions and publications world wide.

"At the age of four I was confronted with my mother’s death. The sudden loss of a beloved family member affected me deeply, even at such a young age. Ever since I have been fascinated with how we cope when we lose those close to us. What happens when our dreams or fantasies are destroyed, what makes life bearable after those tragic moments and do we find reconciliation in the end?" 

We offer the series: Here are the young men and Only the Sky remains untouched.