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Claire Felicie - Here are the young men

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Here are the young men

The series “Here are the young men” (The Netherlands – Afghanistan, 2009-2010) show photos of Dutch marines deployed to Afghanistan. These marines are young boys, full of excitement and expectations who are being sent to a war zone. There they are confronted with pain, sadness and death. Will something appear on their faces of these experiences? To find an answer to this question Claire Felicie photographed the marines of the 13th infantry company of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, before, during and after their deployment in Uruzgan.

The series ‘Here are the young men’ is divided in three subseries: ‘Marked': black and white triptychs of marines before, during and after their tour of duty to Afghanistan. ‘Armored: diptychs of black and white portraits of marines back from patrol and photos of their good luck charms. ‘Committed’: color photos of marines on nightly patrols and on their Combat Outpost Tabar in Uruzgan, Afghanistan.

Armored - Jeff diptych
2 x 10 x 11.5 inch
2 x framed (black wooden frame - museum glass) 
edition 10