Collection: Renee van Leusden

The road travelled by Renée van Leusden is highlighted by her images

Renée van Leusden (Arnhem, 1947) received her training at the Royal Academy of Arts in 's-Hertogenbosch. Since 1973 she works as a freelance sculptor and exhibits at home in The Netherlands and abroad. Her images are found in municipal collections,  and are collected by government, companies and private collectors. Her big break was her exhibition at Grand Palais in Paris Mac 2000 'Femmes Contemporaines in 1991.

Renée van Leusden sculpts life. In her sculptures you  feel her great social commitment and interest in people. They represent not only emotions, but also; tenderness, compassion, anger and fear, love and helplessness, wealth, poverty, joy and pain .. they are both timely and universal.

The development Renée van Leusden is experiencing, is striking: first, she created images wrapped in cloth, then opener in form reduced to a few lines, and now she gives her images  space. Loosening, taking risks, going over borders. The road traveled by Renée van Leusden, is highlighted by her images.