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Claire Felicie

Here are the young men | Collectors item with print

Here are the young men | Collectors item with print

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This is a special limited edition of the book Here are the young men that is signed by Claire Felicie and it comes with a beautiful additional photo, signed and numbered: ‘Wilbert asleep at Cop Tabar’ size 9 x 11 inch, printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Fine Art Paper.

This ‘special’ is packed in a used desert camo net

Here are the young men is a gut wrenching stunning photobook of black and white close-ups of Dutch soldiers from the 13th infantry company of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps serving in Afghanistan.What will you find in the eyes of these young soldiers - can you find traces of war, violence, fighting, loss of friends? A strong statement without making one, visually compelling and instead of presenting the triptychs you skim back and forth to watch the differences - You keep turning the pages in this book.

“The year is 2008 and my son Tristan has been sworn in as a marine. Following successful completion of the training, the next step is deployment into a warzone to gain some ‘real’ experience as a soldier. Nevertheless, this only natural ambition became the cause of my greatest anxiety: I couldn’t get rid of the image of two men coming to my door with that dreadful news all soldier’s mothers fear”. - text from book by Claire Felicie.

Pages: 128 | hardcover
Place: Amsterdam
Year: 2013
Publisher: Self published

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