Collection: 03 CS Jewelry

The woman behind 03 CS Jewelry is Eljo, who, after a career with international fashion companies, wanted a new challenge and started taking private goldsmith lessons in Amsterdam. For as long as she could remember, she had special interest in Victorian Mourning Jewelry, which contains a lot of symbolism.

The love for art and symbolism is the base for all her jewelry, you can find beetles, swallows, butterflies and flowers in her designs, which all have special meanings. And can be found in paintings by Frida Kahlo, Rembrandt and other painters. The (semi) special beads are all hand picked with love and care and they add a positive vibe to the jewelry.

Throughout her career, Eljo designed special collections for museum shops and exhibitions like 
FRIES MUSEUM shop Leeuwarden  The Netherlands : 
-Mata Hari exhibition.
RIJKSMUSEUM shop BOERHAAVE Leiden, The Netherlands:
-Love in the 17th century Rembrandt & Saskia.
TEYLERS MUSEUM shop, Haarlem, The Netherlands:
-Maria Sybilla Merian


03 CS Jewelry raw brass charms do carry a protective wax that is not waterproof. The material can change color due to sweating and exposing to sunlight. You can clean the charms and earrings with toothpaste or ketchup. You can also protect them by adding a layer of transparent nail polish 

"No chemicals soap & perfume"
"Remove before sleeping"
"No tropical temperatures or excessive sunlight"
"Do not expose to water"