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David Yarrow - The Fox and Hound

David Yarrow - The Fox and Hound

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Artist: David Yarrow
Title: The Fox and Hound
Material: archival pigment print | frame, museum glass
Dimensions: 37" x 51" | framed 52" x 66"
Edition 20

Price upon request 

To be able to incorporate the sign of Chateau Marmont in an image offers a great opportunity for a storyteller as it is perhaps the most notorious hotel in the world. If the walls of this grand old building on Sunset Boulevard could talk, they would offer a monologue of deliciously naughty tales to make us all ask whether we could have attacked life a little more hedonistically. If licentious behaviour was to be celebrated, the Chateau would host the evening. To tell a tale around this institution and be conservative in the creative processing would be a mistake; the location should be exploited to the full. This mid 70s styled picture, featuring the iconic Cindy Crawford, is a Chateau Marmont parable with a wry twist. In the UK we have many numbers of pubs called “The Fox and Hound” and here, arriving at the hotel entrance in LA, is the ultimate “Fox” - Cindy, with the most excited of hounds. I remember that Sunday morning shoot well. Cindy looked fantastic and her team of Peter Savic (hair); Sam Visser (make up) and Nicole Allowitz (styling) are the best in the business, as of course is Cindy. I, as always with her, had the easy job and we were wrapped by 8.30 am, which, by all accounts, is only just after bedtime at the Chateau.
~David Yarrow


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