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Patricia Steur - Pin Up Series - Suzanne

Patricia Steur - Pin Up Series - Suzanne

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Photo on 3D box
wood and Perspex
11.8" x 11.8"

Dutch photographer Patricia Steur created a series of Pin Up photo's that are contemporary with a retro twist. The pin ups are modern women who are empowered yet the vibe of the works is unmistakably 50's vintage style.

This series is produced on boxes in various thicknesses so you can create a fun and artsy gallery wall when you place multiple works together.

About the photographer: 
~My work is about passion, not only my own, but also about other people’s passion. I am always curious what makes a person tick. That is why I love to photograph them. All kinds of people, young, old, rich, poor, indigenous, tattooed, talented, famous, actually from all walks of life. I often wonder how that person came in the situation he or she is in. Why are some people very happy and successful and have others a miserable life?

In my photography I try to unravel the secret a person carries around. It often ends up in a long lasting relationship. In my world every person is beautiful and I like to reflect that in my photography. I hope people get a good feeling when they look at my pictures.

It is a way of learning about myself. It is a way to show our fascinating world and beautiful people.


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