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70s ceramics - storage jar sunshine

70s ceramics - storage jar sunshine

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If you are a fan of the HKLIVING 70s ceramics, you can now expand your collection with a series of storage jars. Collect them all and place them in your kitchen or pantry, your living room or office and enjoy the retro look of the 70s with a contemporary twist.  Thanks to the silicone sealing ring, your products will stay fresh for a long time and will be neatly stored 

Jar is dishwasher proof but remove the silicone ring before washing in machine.

Due to the reactive glaze finish, each jar is unique in color, texture and finish.

· Dimensions: Ø 4.5" x H 9"
· Material: stoneware / reactive glaze
· Color: shades of orange and brown
· Remarks: silicone ring / food safe /dishwasher proof

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