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Vrolijke Famkes

Dutch Poffertjes

Dutch Poffertjes

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Only Dutchies know what poffertjes are! This sweet treat comes in a white sculpted open container, it's usually sprinkled with powdered sugar and has a dot of real butter, that melts over the small puffed pancakes. You eat poffertjes with a small wooden fork. This one is made of glazed pottery and you can hang it on your wall.

This Dutch icon wall art of a typical Dutch snack is made by Jackelien, the designer and maker of Vrolijke Famkes, a Dutch ceramics studio that makes one of a kind pieces of joy that you can hang on your wall and have a touch of Dutch in your home.

Dimensions: 5.7"x 2.9"x 1.5"
Material: ceramics, glaze
Remarks: numbered on back
Handmade and unique, expect minor differences from used image

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