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Renee van Leusden - Cold as ice

Renee van Leusden - Cold as ice

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IN YOUR FACE is a collection of mind spinning sculptures that put your emotions to the test. Each of the masks is a reflection on the world that we’re living in. ‘In Your Face’ consists of works as Dictatorship, Financial World, Big Data, the New Rich and Youth Care and covers nearly every corner of modern society. 

As of today this series consists of about 75 works, and the count is consistently growing. ‘In Your Face’ is the latest project of Dutch artist Renée van Leusden. The official Tour Kick-Off has taken place During Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven in the Netherlands and now ‘In Your Face’ tours around the world, visiting places like Silicon Valley, Cape Town, Miami and Paris. 

This is an absolute stunning sculpture made of bronze and painted red. The title is cold as ice and leaves not much to the imagination. 

Cold as Ice
sculpture in bronze
edition 6


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