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Tim Buiting - Festival

Tim Buiting - Festival

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Tim Buiting X HKliving

Driven by a passion for anything aesthetic, raw and pure, Tim started his career shooting at dance clubs and at vibrant festivals. His wide range of work consists of portrait photography, travel and event stories both commercial and independent. All with his unique view to see beauty in the midst of chaos. Over time and through experience, Tim developed a recognizable, aesthetic and intimate photography style.

"Shot just before the plandemic broke out in 2019, it turned out to be the last Amsterdam Dance Event for the next few years. Earlier, this shot had not occurred to me at all, until I sat at home during the lockdown and rediscovered it. It suddenly stood out in particular. The photo contains laughter, chaos and the intimacy between two people - everything we all so longed for at the time." - Tim Buiting

Dimensions: L 41.5" x 1" x57" | XL 49" x 1" x 69"
framed in museum quality wooden frame
limited edition 

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